image of website accessibility button
We would like to thank the author Ralph Tkatchuk, founder and operator, TK DataSec Consultancy for this eye opening article […]
accessibility checklist
Website accessibility for all people will be the new norm going forward from 2020. Today I would like to go […]
Special keyboard for visually impaired to read braile
The original article was written by: Kelly McCann February 11, 2020 by Applause Accessibility is an issue that is […]
Photo of the courthouse looking up at the pillars
This article was originally published February 13, 2020 I am a person that has lived with multiple disabilities most of […]
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As always, California is leading the nation with progressive laws that challenge the rest of the country to catch up. […]
Image keyboard being compliant for the visually impaired
The original article was published February 18th, 2020 by As a society, we have become dependent on the internet […]