About Jennifer Portell
Founding Partner

As a Cuban American and woman, Ms. Portell has extensive personal experience dealing with discrimination herself. She has been a common target of ethnic discrimination and sexism.

As a lawyer, working with her clients that are handicapped has shown her firsthand how they deal with discrimination daily, restricting their access and ability to function on their own. In particular, the blind and visually disabled are unable to navigate websites.

Working with these clients has changed her life, and she has devoted her time and effort to help her clients fight for and obtain equal access, by founding the Portell Law Group

Portell Law Group was formed in Washington, DC to help the fight against discrimination against the blind or any disabled person that prevents equal access to services that the non-disabled take for granted. This is our primary purpose; we do not practice any other type of law.

Ms. Portell has built Portell Law Group into a national network of attorneys to help in this mission, a network which is growing daily. We wants all websites mandated under Federal FHA & ADA guidelines to be compliant and accessible to the blind and visually impaired so that her clients have equal access and companies stop discriminating against them. Ninety percent (90%) of the public overlook the needs of the blind or visually impaired and only think of physical barriers. Portell Law Group will not rest until this is changed and such virtual discrimination ends, providing access for all to resources on the internet covered by the Federal FHA and ADA.

Portell Law Group will pursue all cases for its clients, typically national non-profit organizations that serve their disabled members, to the fullest extent of the law to make sure all websites and businesses are compliant with Federal FHA and ADA guidelines.

Case Law

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